Saturday, September 4, 2010

NON-GMO Shopping Guide

I wanted to pass along to anyone whom follows my blog the NON-GMO SHOPPING GUIDE. This guide will help you to avoid brands of food made with genetically modified organisms (GMOs). If you haven't been paying attention to this important topic this guide will not only educate you but help you steer clear of what I like to call Toxic,fake,plastic,devoid of nutrients,cancer causing,un-natural,incampatible,scam,un-thoughtful,selfish, health detrimental food. We all value or should value our health and this guide will help inform you of foods and ingredients to stay away from. In addition it will inform you of what kinds of foods to lean on to promote dynamic health. I believe we have a right to know and have the choice of healthy nutrient dense food.
     This stuff is important and if you don't believe me just start looking around at the obesity and dull look to people out scooting around or better yet hobbling. The sad thing is many of them are young adults and youthful kids. In addition to this our species is dying at an alarming rate from cancer. I personally attended 3 funerals this summer of friends that died of cancer. Cancer deaths are on the rise and will only continue to rise unless we become educated and "MAKE THE CHOICE" to support Sustainable farming and it's local food production. To better understand this please view the film Food Inc.
      I'm very passionate about high quality foods with good moral intent. Food is our fuel that helps us either express our genetic strengths or weaknesses and depending on what alter we go to for our food ultimately dictates our quality of life. Challenge yourself and start making changes you will thank yourself as time goes forward. Remember this when you are contemplating whether to buy certified organic food and you are alarmed at the higher costs, "You can pay now or pay later". In the end we can't take our money with us and health is all we have in the end.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fencing Project Finished!

I just recently took on the task of fencing the 12 acre field just east of the farm. Just coming off a back strain I knew I had to mentally and physically be up for the challenge. The project started with drilling holes for the corner posts. My dad, Wayne helped me with drilling the holes with an auger that was mounted to his tractor. The soil type was of clay and with it being extremely dry as of late it was a bearcat getting the auger to catch and get the holes made. We added water to the holes to soften the layers but even with that it was a tedious and mentally challenging task. We drilled a total of 11 holes and there would have been more but we connnected into an existing fence that was built last year.