Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Rainy Warm Weather Encourages Summer Pastures

Here the cattle are grazing a 1 acre paddock on a 6 acre field. This pasture consists of Alice white clover, meadow fescue, perennial ryegrass, and birdsfoot trefoil. The bigger cattle are nearing 24 months in age and are fattening nicely with the lush growth of early summer. The red cattle are predominately South Poll crossed with North Red Devon. These Genetics give a docile animal that fattens nicely on grass. Bringing quality nutrient dense beef to friends, family and customers gives me great satisfaction. Here on the farm in Hayward,Mn we received .75 inch of rain last night June 22. This morning I kept them off the pasture while the sun and wind dried things up a bit to prevent pugging in the pastures. Cattle have cloven hooves so when the soil is soft from bigger rains the cattle will sink and tear up the soil that has plant life on it. If serious pugging takes place it can set the pastures back making them less productive for later grazing.
     As for for the Spot pigs they love it when it rains. The softening affect it has on soil makes a perfect playground for them to root up plants and find worms and other critters to munch on. This definitely makes the pig happy. 

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