Friday, June 25, 2010

Young Pigs Have Plenty to Look Forward To

These young small Duroc and Spot pigs are enjoying their morning soaked oats/legume mix. These pigs are getting acclimated to the farm and soaking the feed in water for 12-24 hours helps their chances to digest the nutrients in the oats because of the sprouting process. When the seed sprouts it is live and full of enzymes which aid in the process of digestion of the little pigs. Soon they will be let out into the garden of corn that you see in the picture. In and amongst the corn is oats,white clover, many varieties of grass and even some turnips. I don't feed our pigs soybean meal like the majority of pigs in the U.S are fed. One reason I don't is because the processing thats involved in making soybean meal deals with High heat which makes the oil in the meal rancid. Rancid oil in the system causes free radical damage at a cellular level which in turn compromises the animal.

If your not aware of the dangers of soy please visit and read a little about the history and the findings about soy and why we should hesitate before eating. Here is the attached article.

What I find funny is how we are using soy to feed animals. Thats just great we can condense the unfavorable aspects from soil into the animal before we eat it. Something to think about.

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