Saturday, July 24, 2010

Alcohol, The facts you should know!

No human being is designed to drink alcohol. Alcohol is metabolized in the body as a carbohydrate in the form of simple sugar. These carbs are the most refined sugars around even more refined than sugar or flour. Alcohol is absorbed through the stomach instead of the small intestine. Because of alcohol's rapid delivery system of sugar an immense blood sugar spike takes place. Once this happens then the pancreas works overtime releasing insulin to manage our blood sugar levels. As this cycle perpetuates it leaves us with a blood sugar crash or hypoglycemic condition. When we become hypoglycemic we become ravenous for food. This is obvious if you watch people at the end of a night of drinking because they will stop at Perkins, Denny's or other fast food and order twice the amount of food they would normally eat.
 Alcohol irritates the lining of the gut. So when you sit down to eat foods after drinking your body will have a hard time digesting those foods because the lining in your stomach is inflamed. The longer this process goes on the more prone one is to acquire food intolerances to the foods they eat while drinking. For many people that drink frequently they become intolerant to nearly everything they put in their mouth. Because Alcohol is primarily made from grains that have been sprayed with chemicals, not only does your gut have to deal with alcohol but also chemical residues and gluten which most caucasion white people are allergic to.
     Alcohol is also a displacing and blocking agent as well. This means that alcohol pulls vitamins, minerals and nutrients from your body as well as blocking the absorbtion of these from foods. Essentially if one drinks regularly they will become malnourished. So the next time you see someone who drinks and has a distorted figure with a gut you can assume they are malnourished. Kind of ironic because in our society people don't view the fat and bloated as malnourished.
     If you must drink please be sure to consume a high quality fats/protein food before drinking to protect your gut wall and try to buy organic alcohol because they won't be made from chemically sprayed grains.
     If you drink and don't feel and look good there is hope, just stop! Remember the way we look is a reflection of the health of our digestive system.

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