Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Grassfed Beef, What are You Getting?

I don't know about you but I love Beef! If I had to choose one type of meat to eat on daily basis it would be a no brainer, beef! You may ask why the enthusiasm. Well after reading "Pasture Perfect" by Jo Robinson it became clear that I needed to eat Grass-fed beef not only for my health but to support the right concept. But because grass-fed beef is soo hard to find I decided to raise my own and many more for people in search of it. If you don't know the difference between Grass-fed beef and Corn fed beef the following will give you an idea.

Grass-fed cattle are given the right to express themselves the way nature intended it. This means Roaming and grazing fresh grass,legumes, brush and leaves. Cattle are herbivores which means they were designed by nature to eat living plant life. But in the past Century our culture thought it would be smart to pen up Cattle and feed them little forage and high doses of concentrated grain, i.e Corn. This was done in order to bring value to Corn, but what about the beef? If cattle are herbivorous herd animals that were meant to roam & graze, then why is the majority of beef in the USA raised in fecal lots and being fed grains, fillers, antibiotics, and growth stimulants? A few reasons: Economies of scale, turnover ratio, and less tie up of land not to mention many more. I understand its all about the money, but what about our health? Once we compromise the animal we compromise human health. Cattle are condensors of nutrients, this means their meat and fat is made up of what they ate. If a cow is standing in feces eating an unatural diet of GMO/chemically raised corn, GMO chemically raised soybean meal, synthetic vitamins/minerals, growth enhancers, and antibiotics how are we supposed to build dynamic health from this? The answer is we can't. Actually beef raised in feedlots and fed rubbish has been linked to a host of  Chronic diseases and sickness. The reason for this goes back to the cow is what it ate, and if it ate an unatural ,unsafe food then we face the consequences by eating it. Many of you may think this is hogwash but if you think about it logically it makes sense. When cattle are fed high grain diets their essential fatty acid profile gets out of whack in favor of omega 6. Omega 6 fat comes from grain sources and in the U.S we consume too much of this which has been linked to chronic illness. To see all the other differences between feedlot cattle and grass-fed cattle check out this link. Grass-fed Basics, by Jo Robinson

Which would you prefer?

Grass-fed                                                                                                  Feedlot

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