Thursday, July 22, 2010

Health Tip, Water!

How much water do you drink in a day? Be honest with yourself and fruit drinks,coffee,juice,and milk don't count. These drinks actually dehydrate the body of fluids because they are either stimulants, pasturized, or artificially sweetened which all stress the body's digestive system which in turn causes the body to be stressed and work harder which in turn causes fluid loss instead of balance. Water should be consumed throughout the day and half your body weight in ounces will do the trick. So for example: I weigh 145 lbs. so I would want to be sure I drank 72+ ounces a day.The human body is comprised of about 80% water and if one continually dehydrates it by not drinking water and replacing water with processed drinks and stimulant type drinks we become imbalanced as a whole and this opens the door for chronic ailments. These types of symptoms can arise from continual dehydration; Irritability, brain fog, low energy,brain fog,depression,body injuries and aches,high blood pressure,constipation,excess hunger,slowed metabolism,and linked to alzheimers. This is just the short list of chronic and severe ailments that are created from dehydration.
This is a common sense thing we have here. If our body is water then we must drink water, end of story! Also examine the water that you drink. Be sure you are drinking water that hasn't been in plastic preferrable. Plastics leach and release PCB's into the water and this causes major problems in the human machinery, i.e Cancer. I live on a farm so I like to drink as much well water as possible because I know it contains minerals or total desolved solids. These elements are vital in digestive processes within our bodies. Water in the city or most homes now are treated with chlorine and enriched with Flourine which wipe out the friendly bacteria in our gut. This in turn promotes poor digestion and chronic ailments. Also look to see if your water has went through softening. This is a process where elements are removed from the water. This is the stripping of minerals from water which isn't healthy for our bodies. When the molecule of water is stripped it messes up the ionic charge. So now when the water enters the body because it isn't ionically stable it attracts from the body the minerals that were removed in the water filtration process. If you get water just look for bottles that have listed in its content "TDS" Total disolved solids. This tells you that the minerals haven't been stripped. Fiji water is a good one to get.
     Think of water to humans is like oil is to a car engine. Lubricate or blow up. I guarantee to anyone if you apply this information to real life you will benefit in ways that money can't give.

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