Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hog Heaven then Tragedy

This week I was soo excited to let the little pigs into the garden of green corn, Oats, clover, soybeans and what not that covered the ground as shown in the pictures. When I opened the Garden up to the little guys they were grunting and squealing as they ran around grabbing at leaves in a true maze. I thought to myself they will have a month's worth to clean all this up and that was to be perfect for their development.

On the first night that the pigs were in the garden tragedy struck. I got a call from my grandmother real early in the morning alerting me that there was nothing left in the Garden. I said what happened? She said all the cattle broke the fence down and ate all the vegetation that was to be for the pigs. After hearing this I quickly got ready while having breakfast and drove over to assess the damage. When I got their I was completely letdown. The cattle were licking their chops like they had just eaten a gourmet meal. Meanwhile the pigs scrambled around looking for fodder that had been left behind.

Initially my frustration overwhelmed me and I thought to myself how could this have happened? after looking things over the top barb wire had been shoved down recently and it was a perfect way in for 1000 lb. steers. I immediately put up an electric wire and hope that this will be the barrier that prevents the cattle from ever doing this again.

I do know now that Cattle love Corn in the green stage which is prior to setting ears. And I do know that animals know what they want and the cattle wanted that garden. I guess I will have to plant some corn for them to graze next time around.

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  1. Hi Cazzi,

    Im sorry to hear that happened,,that garden was so lush I cant believe cattle just devoured it that clean. I feel bad for the pigs knowing that they were eyeing that garden for so long and couldnt enjoy them :( well at least the cattle had a good feast!